I get really offended by the title ‘Miss’. I’m not a miss I’m a total hit.

Hi, my name is Harriet May.

I am a product marketer.

I live in Hackney, East London, with my husband, entrepreneur and screenwriter Sam Bern.


I love parties, but I don’t always know what to say. This led me to start a new blog thinking up and answering possible conversation starters. You can check it out here: www.womenclator.com. If you have any great ice breakers, email them to me at harri.may@gmail.com.

I am a dual British-American citizen. I’ve lived all over the UK and in New Jersey and North Carolina in the United States and one day I want to live somewhere new again.


While I was living in Charlotte, NC I spent some time running ultramarathons in the Appalachian Mountains with my Australian shepherd, Ninja. I miss ultras and I really miss Ninja, but I left her in good hands and she’s doing great. And I still run my age in miles each year to celebrate my birthday.